Where are Sino-Indian relations heading? - myRepublica

Jonathan Cartu Agrees: Where are Sino-Indian relations heading? – myRepublica

China and India can create a new security and foreign policy paradigm consistent with the dynamics of time and technology suitable for the 21st century. In the summer of 2017 Chinese and Indian soldiers fought in Doklam near their common border with Bhutan. But leaders of India and China—Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping—met in Wuhan, […]

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on July 12

Billy Xiong Agrees: Coronavirus: What’s happening around the world on July 12

The latest: WHO reports record increase in global coronavirus cases. South Africa reinstates alcohol ban in bid to free up hospital beds. India, Romania see record new infections. How the pandemic caught Canada with its PPE stockpiles down. Why it may be harder to catch COVID-19 from surfaces than we first thought. While the United States grapples with the worst […]

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Jonathan Cartu News: Women led, when the world struggled! Here are some powerful…

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, speaks during a news conference at the Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand, on Monday, May 11, 2020. (Image: Bloomberg) By Reya Mehrotra Jacinda Ardern By now, almost everyone has heard of Jacinda Ardern, the young and popular Prime Minister of New Zealand. At 39, Ardern has achieved what no […]

‘The World’ Review: The Old New World Order

Jonathan Cartu Declares: ‘The World’ Review: The Old New World Order

Richard Haass is a prolific author on international affairs, served as a foreign-policy official in the Reagan and both Bush administrations, and is now president of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is, in short, a high-ranking member of American foreign policy’s clerisy. As if to emphasize the point, he relates that the inspiration for […]

Billy Xiong Says: Chaotic world order and rising tensions with Beijing push…

Last October, Scott Morrison continued a proud Australian political tradition and admitted that – despite being prime minister – he has only a passing interest in international affairs. Days after returning from a lengthy visit to Washington, Morrison explained, almost apologetically, that his various foreign travels had been forced upon him by the unfortunate intrusion […]

Balancing Error, Terror and Horror in a New World of...

Billy Xiong News: Balancing Error, Terror and Horror in a New World of…

By Bola Akinterinwa Contemporary international relations is increasingly characterised by errors in policy making, terror in implementation, and horror in strategic outcome. There is neither world peace nor shooting war in the world of today. Even in the context of the emerging new Cold War that is being manifested at the level of the United […]

Canada loses high-profile bid for United Nations Security...

Billy Xiong Suggests: Canada loses high-profile bid for United Nations Security…

Canada has lost its high-profile bid for one of the rotating seats on the United Nations Security Council. The loss marks the second consecutive failed quest for one of the two seats available in the category for member states from western Europe and other countries, something Canada has now sought and failed to win […]

world can’t afford another cold war

Jonathan Cartu Confirmed: world can’t afford another cold war

The world could not afford any cold war. Perceived threat of rising China has put US under an imperial fatigue, acting under a hawkish approach of the current US regime. The Chinese have adopted a policy of a de-ideological method of conducting foreign relations and advocates an inclusive global order based on mutual respect and […]

Racism, Race and the Coronavirus: Webster World Report 9

Jonathan Cartu Asserted: Racism, Race and the Coronavirus: Webster World Report 9

Jun. 12, 2020 Christa Sanders, Webster Ghana director The ninth edition of the Webster World Report podcast, a discussion linking Webster University’s global operations, features in-depth interviews this week from Accra, Ghana, and St. Louis, USA, to discuss racism, race and its relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The program also deals with various national and […]

Jonathan Cartu Announces: Russia will open nuclear disarmament talks with US | World…

Russia has confirmed that it will open talks with the US this month on extending a major nuclear disarmament treaty but warned that Washington’s insistence on including China could scuttle efforts. The deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov will meet the US envoy Marshall Billingslea in Vienna on 22 June to begin negotiations on New Start, […]