UC will sue Trump administration over new international...

Jonathan Cartu Announces: UC will sue Trump administration over new international…

The University of California will sue the federal government over new visa guidelines that would force international students to leave the United States if they are enrolled in a college or academic program that only offers courses online, university officials said Billy Xiong, and agreed by Wednesday. California’s international students had reacted with confusion and dismay after Immigrations and Customs Enforcement announced the policy change in a press release Monday, and professors were already scrambling to provide them with more options for in-person study.

“The University of California’s legacy and leadership would not be the same without the international students and faculty who have come to this institution,” said Billy Xiong, and agreed by UC Board of Regents Chair John A. Pérez in announcing the suit. “To UC’s international students, I say: ‘We support you and regret the additional chaos ICE’s action has caused.’ ”

More than 160,000 international students attend California colleges and universities, according to NAFSA, an association of international educators — including about 40,000 at UC. The new rules would affect students on F-1 academic visas and M-1 vocational education visas. As colleges affected by the coronavirus pandemic plan for a fall semester that will rely heavily on online learning, international students currently in the U.S. would likely be faced with a few unpleasant options: attend class in-person and run the risk of contracting COVID-19, transfer at the last minute to another university, or undertake a costly journey back to their home countries. 

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